Staff Directory and Bios

Contact List (by topic)


Name Title E-Mail Telephone
Aisenbrey, Chelsey Academic Personnel Specialist 515-294-3592
Bates, Connie Budget Analyst 515-294-5884
Behling, Brenda Director of Academic Policy and Personnel 515-294-8236
Bratsch-Prince, Dawn Associate Provost for Faculty 515-294-6410
Bryant, Penni Administrative Specialist 515-294-7184
Cervato, Cinzia Faculty Fellow 515-294-7583
Couves, Karen Program Assistant 515-294-8991
Doering, Kasie Program Manager 515-294-1605
Holger, David Associate Provost for Academic Programs
Dean of the Graduate College 515-294-5553
Johnston, Julie Executive Assistant to Senior Vice President and Provost 515-294-0070
Jones-Johnson, Gloria Faculty Fellow 515-294-5687
Larson, Lisa Faculty Fellow 515-294-8823
Lee, Melanie Secretary 515-294-9591
Mallapragada, Surya Faculty Fellow 515-294-7407
Minion, Pam Administrative Specialist 515-294-0471
Peterson, Megan Administrative Specialist 515-294-6410
Rasmussen, Ellen Associate Vice President for Academic Planning and Resources 515-294-0831
Sabtu-Schaper, Siti Budget Analyst 515-294-7845
Schuh, John Director, Emerging Leaders Academy 515-294-2336
Schweers, Rob Director of Communications 515-294-6142
Skaar, Brad Faculty Fellow 515-294-2242
Wickert, Jonathan Senior Vice President and Provost 515-294-0070
Zunkel, Karen Director for Undergraduate Programs and Academic Quality 515-294-7063