Advancement Review for Non-Tenure-Eligible (NTE) Faculty

Recommendation materials for the advancement of non-tenure-eligible faculty are due from the colleges to the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost on March 1. Department chairs should check with their college to determine earlier college-level submission deadlines.

Who is covered? The following advancements are covered under this process: Lecturer to Senior Lecturer; Clinician to Senior Clinician; Adjunct faculty (except continuous adjunct); Affiliate faculty; and Clinical track faculty.

Non-tenure eligible research (NTER) faculty are not covered by this process; these are reviewed according to the process outlined for tenure-eligible and tenured faculty.

Materials: Colleges should submit one (1) copy of the following materials for review by the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost:

  • Cover sheet
  • College level template or guidelines for portfolio summary: Agriculture and Life Sciences; Business; Design; Engineering; Human Sciences; Liberal Arts and Sciences; Library; Veterinary Medicine
  • Updated CV of NTE faculty member and all position responsibility statements (PRS) from the review period. (NOTE: for Affiliate faculty, no PRS is required; instead include the Affiliation Agreement form)
  • A summary of the review process (including information on the department faculty review committee conducting the review).
  • Evidence of review by faculty and any votes. In some departments there is a review committee report that should be forwarded.
  • Reasons for recommending advancement, including a summary of how the candidate meets the criteria for advancement.
  • Department chair review (may include some or all of the items listed above).
  • Endorsement memo from college.
  • Portfolio materials (optional). Materials could include a summary of teaching evaluations, teaching materials, sample course documents, peer review of teaching, etc. These materials should not exceed 15 pages.
  • PLEASE NOTE: External review letters are NOT part of the process.

Process. The Senior Vice President and Provost will notify colleges of our decision on advancement by April 1. A new LOI should not be initiated until after you receive notification of advancement from our office. NTE faculty approved for advancement will begin in new titles at the beginning of the next academic year (e.g., August 16 for B-based appointments). A base-salary advancement increment is funded by the College. This increment is in addition to the merit increment for the year.

Policy issues related to non-tenure-eligible faculty appointments and evaluation. Please consult the Faculty Handbook sections on NTE faculty appointment and evaluation, including sections, 3.3.5, 3.3.6, 5.4.1,,,, 5.4.3 and 5.4.4.

  • A Lecturer or Clinician must have served "a minimum of six years or 12 semesters of employment (full or part time)" to be reviewed for advancement to Senior Lecturer or Senior Clinician.
  • All non-tenure-eligible faculty will receive annual reviews.
  • Evaluations of non-tenure-eligible faculty will be based on the individual's PRS (excluding Affiliate faculty).
  • A "faculty committee" will evaluate the performance of non-tenure-eligible faculty "at least every six semesters of employment" for anyone being considered for future re-appointment.
  • A "faculty committee" will also be involved in evaluating the performance of non-tenure-eligible faculty being considered for advancement.