Academic Program Review: Policies and Procedures


  • Each program is reviewed on a regular cycle. Reviews may be scheduled to coincide or coordinate with other reviews (such as accreditation) or to address a special concern about a particular program. Reviews that coordinate with other reviews should still address the core criteria for academic program review described in the self-study section (see "Documentation"). Ordinarily, the length of time between reviews is no more than seven years, but the associate provost who is responsible for program review may grant exceptions to this timeframe.
  • Click here to see the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost timeline and contacts for the various stages of the program review process.


  • In the case of a program or unit that is administered by more than one Dean, the responsibility should be shared. For programs not administered through a college, the administrator to whom the program reports should perform the responsibilities designated as those of the Dean.
  • Each program review is conducted with the participation of program faculty members.