Four Year Graduation Program

Earn an Iowa State degree in just four years.                          

Rise to the top. You've set your sights high by choosing to attend Iowa State University. You have visions and dreams for the future, and we have a plan to help make your dreams reality.

Soar in 4!  You can earn that prestigious Iowa State degree in just four years, complemented by experiences such as study abroad, internship, and service learning.  Granted it will take significant work and commitment on your part, but you've already dedicated yourself to those values by deciding on Iowa State.  Your university promises equal dedication in working by your side.  We encourage you to accept the challenge: earn your degree in four years.

This is an excellent opportunity - decide to set your sights on graduation in four years, and here's what you can count on:

  • You'll save money. Those additional semesters of course-work add up. When you commit to graduating in only eight semesters, your budget needs will be less -- and more clearly defined.
  • You'll accelerate your entry into the job market or advanced education. The sooner the degree is yours, the sooner your career begins.
  • You'll stay on track academically. That's part of the deal. Iowa State assures that if your graduation is delayed because you couldn't get a course you needed, we'll pay your tuition for an additional session to complete your degree program.
  • You'll establish a stimulating academic focus. Earning 15 to 18 credits a semester and maintaining good academic standing guarantees you a first-class intellectual experience.
  • You can still plan to participate in summer or semester-long study-abroad, internship, and service learning experiences.

Your end of the deal? It's simple:

  • Keep in close contact with your Iowa State academic adviser, who will guide you in your academic decisions and keep you up-to-date with university policies and procedures.
  • Take required courses at the times they are available.
  • Maintain your registration at ISU during off-campus experiences.
  • Be a responsible student. Register for classes promptly and monitor your progress on a regular basis through your personal degree audit and with your academic adviser. Manage your time wisely. Study.
  • Keep your goals in sight.

Four-year (eight-semester) templates for ISU programs of study
Iowa State University offers over 100 majors in six undergraduate colleges.  All but two programs, architecture and landscape architecture, may be completed in four years.  ISU's bachelor degree programs require from 121 to 144 credits; therefore, you must average between 15 and 18 credits per semester.

Templates for the 2014-2015 catalog are integrated into the on-line catalog:

Templates for previous catalogs are available from the following sites:

Agriculture and Life Sciences | Business | Design | Engineering | Human Sciences | Liberal Arts and Sciences

Iowa State's Four-year Graduation Plan
Download a four-year graduation application (Requires Adobe Reader)

For more information, contact Karen Zunkel, Soar in 4! Coordinator.