Staff Directory by Function

Topic Staff Email Address Phone
Academic Administrative Budget Development Siti Sabtu-Schaper 515-294-7845
Academic Division Budget Development Ellen Reints 515-294-1605
Academic File Brenda Behling 515-294-8236
Academic Program Review Karen Zunkel 515-294-7063
Academic Programs and Policies Ann Marie VanDerZanden 515-294-7184
Accreditations Karen Zunkel 515-294-7063
Administrative Fellowship Program Dawn Bratsch-Prince 515-294-6410
Administrative Officers List Brenda Behling 515-294-8236
Administrative Searches Megan Peterson 515-294-6410
ADVANCE Lisa Larson 515-294-1487
Advance Commitment (ACF) Reporting Siti Sabtu-Schaper 515-294-7845
Appeals - Faculty Dawn Bratsch-Prince 515-294-6410
Appeals - Staff Brenda Behling 515-294-8236
Appeals - Student Ann Marie VanDerZanden/William Graves 515-294-7184
Awards (University) Megan Peterson 515-294-6410
Big 12 Faculty Fellowship Program Megan Peterson 515-294-6410
Board of Regents Brenda Behling 515-294-8236
Bratsch-Prince Calendar Megan Peterson 515-294-6410
Budget Development Schedule Ellen Reints 515-294-1605
Center Reviews Karen Zunkel 515-294-7063
Communications Director Rob Schweers 515-294-6142
Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Brenda Behling 515-294-8236
Cost and other Divisional Expense Estimates Ellen Reints 515-294-1605
Council on International Programs Ann Marie VanDerZanden 515-294-7184
Curriculum Karen Zunkel/Ann Marie VanDerZanden 515-294-7063
Department Chair Cabinet Megan Peterson 515-294-6410
Distinguished Professors Dawn Bratsch-Prince 515-294-6410
Dual Career Resources Megan Peterson 515-294-6410
EAB - Canvas/NavigateJessica Van Winklejessica@iastate.edu515-294-2611
Electronic Letter of Intent (eLOI) Akelo Harris 515-294-3592
Electronic Mail and File Server Brenda Behling 515-294-8236
Electronic Personnel Action (EPA) approvals Brenda Behling 515-294-8236
Electronic Personnel Action (EPA) initiating Brenda Behling 515-294-8236
Emerging Leaders Academy

Katharine Hensley/Rod Bagley 515-294-8823
Emeritus Designations Mel Lee 515-294-9591
Equipment Inventory Siti Sabtu-Schaper 515-294-7845
Expense Authorizations Siti Sabtu-Schaper 515-294-7845
Faculty Appointments Brenda Behling 515-294-8236
Faculty University Awards Megan Peterson 515-294-6410
Faculty Conduct Policy Dawn Bratsch-Prince 515-294-6410
Faculty Conference Faculty Senate Office 515-294-9717
Faculty Handbook on the Policy Library Brenda Behling 515-294-8236
Faculty Honors and Awards HubKirsten Abelkabel@iastate.edu515-294-1498
Faculty Mentoring Program Megan Peterson 515-294-6410
Faculty Orientation Megan Peterson 515-294-6410
Faculty Professional Development Assignments and Programs Brenda Behling 515-294-8236
Faculty Start Up Cash Flow Process Ellen Reints 515-294-1605
Faculty Start Up Reporting Siti Sabtu-Schaper 515-294-7845
Foreign Travel Grants Faculty Senate Office 515-294-9717
Four-year Graduation Plan Karen Zunkel 515-294-7063
Funding Transfers Siti Sabtu-Schaper 515-294-7845
Goldsheets Siti Sabtu-Schaper 515-294-7845
Graduate Programs William Graves 515-294-2682
Grant Coordinator Siti Sabtu-Schaper 515-294-7845
Grievances - Faculty Dawn Bratsch-Prince 515-294-6410
Grievances - Staff Brenda Behling 515-294-8236
Grievances - Student Ann Marie VanDerZanden/William Graves 515-294-7184
HLC Accreditation Review of ISU Karen Zunkel 515-294-7063
Human Resource Questions Brenda Behling 515-294-8236
Institutes and Centers VP for Research 515-294-6344
International MOU/MOA Ann Marie VanDerZanden 515-294-7184
Learning Communities Jennifer Leptien 515-294-1948
Memorial Resolutions Faculty Senate Office 515-294-9717
Miller Faculty Fellowships Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching 515-294-7393
Morrill Professors Dawn Bratsch-Prince 515-294-6410
Named Faculty Positions Brenda Behling 515-294-8236
Operating Cycle Schedule Siti Sabtu-Schaper 515-294-7845
PostingsBrenda Behlingbkbehli@iastate.edu515-294-8236
Promotion and Tenure Policy Dawn Bratsch-Prince 515-294-6410
Promotion and Tenure Process Brenda Behling 515-294-8236
Records and Document Retention Sheryl Rippke 515-294-1385
Special Academic Program Grants Siti Sabtu-Schaper 515-294-7845
Student Outcomes Assessment Karen Zunkel 515-294-7063
Student Retention Ann Marie VanDerZanden 515-294-7184
SVPP Fiscal Officer Siti Sabtu-Schaper 515-294-7845
SVPP Funding Commitments Siti Sabtu-Schaper 515-294-7845
Telecommunications Coordinator Mel Lee 515-294-9591
Travel Authorizations, Reimbursements Siti Sabtu-Schaper 515-294-7845
Travel Grants, Faculty Faculty Senate Office 515-294-9717
Undergraduate Conference Travel Funds Penni Bryant 515-294-7184
Undergraduate Programs Karen Zunkel 515-294-7063
University Awards Megan Peterson 515-294-6410
University Professors Dawn Bratsch-Prince 515-294-6410
University Studies Penni Bryant 515-294-7184
VanDerZanden calendarPenni Bryantpabryant@iastate.edu515-294-7184
Vendor Payments Siti Sabtu-Schaper 515-294-7845
Website Mel Lee 515-294-9591
Wickert Calendar Julie Johnston 515-294-0070
Women in Science and Engineering Lora Leigh Chrystal 515-294-4317