Auxiliary Exam Space Reservation System


January 15, 2021

The Auxiliary Exam Space Reservation system is available for online courses or for courses that meet in classrooms that cannot hold all registered students at one time. 

Reservations can be requested via this form. Most requests will be responded to within 3 days confirming that the date/time was available or not. 

Instructors are responsible for providing exam proctors. For some of the larger areas, we may need to schedule multiple courses at the same time. A host will be available to facilitate seating in the designated areas of the spaces.

For MWF, the exam times will be 50 minutes whether during the day or evening.  For TR, the exam times will be 75 minutes whether during the day or evening. We ask that you only reserve a single time period (not two back-to-back) to ensure enough capacity. (Note:  for TR courses at 4:10, request the 3:40 time slot and make a note that it is actually 4:10). 

For Final Exams, the time periods will be 110 minutes. Final Exams must follow established University procedures

The request form asks if you are planning to proctor an online exam. This will allow us to assign a space that has suitable WiFi (determined by ITS). Please note that electric plug-ins are not available, so students must bring their devices fully charged and/or their own back-up batteries. 

As the exams need to be on the syllabus at the beginning of the semester, we are expecting all space requests be made by January 25, 2021. After that date, we will be releasing the spaces so they can be used for other purposes. If you do have a need that develops after 1/25/21, you can still submit a request and we will try to find a space. 

If you have any questions, please email