COVID-19: Fall Planning Resources for Faculty and Staff

Academic Affairs Division-Wide Communications

Fall 2020 Planning Guidance for Academic Affairs Faculty and Staff

August 5, 2020

Fall 2020 Guidance for Instructors: Introductory Messaging, First-Day Discussion Points, and Conducting Face-to-Face Classes

  • Communicating with students before classes begin
  • Sharing expectations for the first face-to-face class session
  • Suggestions for the first day of class
  • Reviewing key classroom protocols: face coverings, physical distancing, designated seating, exiting the classroom, signage

Recommendations on Supporting Ill or Quarantined Students and Assigning Incomplete Grades

Designated Seating and Contact Tracing Process

  • Designated seating for lecture-based courses
  • Designated seating for laboratory and studio courses
  • Attendance Records
  • What happens when a class participant tests positive

August 3, 2020

Creating Designated Seating Charts

  • Resources for developing and submitting seating charts

Experiential Course Participation Agreement

  • Instructor template for experiential learning activities, including when mitigation strategies such as physical distancing, face coverings, or disinfecting procedures cannot be met

July 29, 2020

Description of Course Delivery Modes

  • Characteristics of face-to-face, online, and hybrid instruction for the fall semester

July 22, 2020

Hiring and Recruitment in Academic Affairs (SVPP COVID-19 Communication #16)

  • Recruiting guidance related to filling positions, conducting interviews
  • Best practices for virtual searches

Face Coverings, Syllabus Language, and Class Attendance (SVPP COVID-19 Communication #15)

  • Community expectations for face coverings
  • Syllabus language related to health and safety
  • Flexibility in class attendance policies

July 16, 2020

Academics and Instruction Update: Fall 2020 General Updates (SVPP COVID-19 Communication #14)

  • Course delivery modalities and course scheduling
  • General guidance on instruction

Fall 2020 In-Person and Online Exam Updates 

  • Final exams, night exams
  • Changes to ISU Testing Center and auxiliary exam spaces
  • Exam options for students in self-isolation or quarantine

July 13, 2020

College Role in Approving Safety Protocols for Field Trips and Experiential Learning Environments Involving Human Subjects 

  • Safety protocols to ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff
  • Recommendations on canceling events when guidelines cannot be met

July 10, 2020

Academics and Instruction Update: Guidance for Online Courses Fall 2020 (SVPP COVID-19 Communication #13)

  • Guidance about faculty-student interaction
  • Best practices for online course instruction

Fall 2020 Academic Support Services Guidance 

  • Guidance regarding academic advising and career services
  • Learning communities
  • Academic Success Center services (tutoring, supplemental instruction, coaching)

July 1, 2020

College Role in Approving Safety Protocols for Lab Courses 

  • Preserve experiential learning activities critical for accreditation, licensure, or skill acquisition while maximizing health and safety
  • Providing authority of instructors to enforce safety protocols
  • Training for teaching assistants and support staff

June 17, 2020

Planning for Fall 2020 Instruction - June 17, 2020 (SVPP COVID-19 Communication #12)

  • Changes to academic calendar and class times
  • Faculty appointments
  • Returning to the classroom and course delivery
  • Additional changes and recommendations for staffing, on-campus safety, and graduate students

June 2, 2020

Academic Affairs Updates - June 2, 2020 (SVPP COVID-19 Communication #11)

  • Faculty survey feedback
  • Returning to campus for high-risk employees
  • Fall planning


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