Academic Program Review: Process Timeline

College Timeline - Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost (SVPP)

Fall semester each year
  • Review of next academic year Program Review schedule and procedures with SVPP. SVPP Office will schedule meetings with Associate Dean.
  • Dean and Department agree upon the emphasis/scope of the program review. For non-typical scope or format, forward plans to SVPP office.
Penni Bryant

Early spring (for fall visit dates)

Summer/early fall (for spring visit dates)

  • Department/College begins preparation and writing of self-study (allow 6 months)
  • College forwards names of potential reviewers to discuss and finalize/approve (include profiles of potential reviewers)
Shawn Boyne

Late spring/early summer (for fall visit dates)

Early fall (for spring visit dates)

  • Schedule date and time of SVPP entrance and exit meetings for visits
    • Entrance Meeting (30 minutes): Ann Marie VanDerZanden, Shawn Boyne
    • Exit Meeting (1 hour): Jonathan Wickert, Ann Marie VanDerZanden, Shawn Boyne, Dawn Bratsch-Prince, Vice President for Research, Vice President for Extension and Outreach
Penni Bryant
One month before visit
  • Submit an electronic copy and one hard copy of the self-study to 1550 Beardshear, when sent to review team
  • The name, title and institution of each reviewer should be included with the self-study.
Penni Bryant
Two weeks before visit
  • Forward copy of review questions/guidance provided from the Dean to the review team
  • Forward copy of final visit schedule
Penni Bryant
Post-visit (within 4-6 weeks)
  • Forward copy of review team report
Shawn Boyne
After receipt of team report
  • Schedule Follow-up Meeting (1 hour): Dean, Associate Dean, Chair, Ann Marie VanDerZanden
Penni Bryant
Within 3 months following visitShawn Boyne
3-4 years following visitShawn Boyne