Global Academic Programs

Iowa State is a global university. Students pursue unique educational opportunities in 60 different countries each year, and on every continent, gaining valuable experience and perspective as they prepare to work in a global marketplace. Faculty and staff routinely share their expertise with colleagues around the world, as well as facilitate student exchanges, and host colleagues from other countries in Ames.

Education Program Agreements with International Institutions 

In support of global academic programs, Iowa State University supports a number of agreements with higher education institutions around the world to establish dual degree programs, facilitated student transfer programs and student exchanges. The process and resources to establish such agreements are outlined on the ISU Office of University Counsel website under the Education Program Agreements heading.

The site includes the Education Program Agreements Instructions, the required university templates and an updated Academic Agreement Routing Form. The Academic Agreement Routing Form must be completed with each agreement including renewals of existing agreements and new agreements.

Council on International Programs 

The ISU Council on International Programs includes representatives from each college and other central units on campus involved with international programs at Iowa State. Much of the council’s effort directly or indirectly supports the Goal 1 and Subgoal 1.3 of the 2017-2022 Iowa State University Strategic Plan: 

Ensure access to the ISU Experience – including an exceptional education offering practical, global, and leadership experiences that shape the well–rounded citizens and informed critical thinkers needed in the 21st century. 

Provide learning opportunities to prepare students for lives and careers in a dynamic, global community.


The mission of the Council on International Programs (CIP) is to promote, improve, and expand the internationalization of Iowa State University in the following ways:

  • Support existing, and foster new, relationships with institutions in other countries to further ISU’s teaching, research, and outreach missions
  • Sustain and enhance an intellectually stimulating environment and a supportive university community for all students, faculty, and staff.
  • Collaborate with campus partners to integrate international students and visiting faculty and staff scholars into the academic and social life of ISU. 



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