EAB Campus/Navigate FAQ

Questions, training requests, and changes to your locations can be sent to eabquestions@iastate.edu.

You must have your supervisor fill out the Administrative Systems Request Form.

Full Time Staff, follow these instructions (PDF, 144KB). Graduate students must contact eabquestions@iastate.edu for more information.


We find that most of the time students can make appointments, they just do not follow the steps for making an appointment. If you are certain they cannot make an appointment with you, please check your availability in EAB. Click here (PDF, 528KB).

Iowa State University naming convention: [Semester] [Population] [College/Unit] [Your Last Name] 


  • Fall 2020 Probation ENGR Van Winkle 
  • Fall 2020 SAP Fin Aid Carlson

College Abbreviations: 

  • AGLS – College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 
  • BUS – College of Business 
  • DES – College of Design 
  • ENGR – College of Engineering 
  • HS – College of Human Sciences/School of Education 
  • LAS – College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Additional resources can be accessed through the EAB Help Center by clicking on the "?" in the upper right-hand corner of your EAB screen.