Eligibility: Students and Courses

Who is eligible to choose this P/NP option? 

  • Any undergraduate student enrolled in courses intended to be in-person or online throughout Spring 2020 semester. This includes students on academic probation. 
  • Graduate and professional students have separate temporary P/NP policies for Spring 2020 semester.

Which undergraduate courses does the policy apply to? 

  • This temporary policy applies to any ISU undergraduate developmental course (courses below 100- level), 100-, 200-, 300-, or 400-level course that was intended to be-in person but which was changed to virtual instruction as a result of COVID-19. 
  • This policy was updated 4/10/20 to also include courses that were designated to be taught fully online at the start of Spring 2020 semester (e.g., courses with a section designator starting with an “X”). 

CLARIFIED 4/13/20:

Courses that are excluded from the policy are as follows:

  • Courses that concluded prior to March 16, 2020
  • Courses that have a Satisfactory/Fail grading basis
  • INTED, EXPRO, REQR, and L TM placeholder courses 
  • Courses in which the instructor has submitted a grade of “I” (Incomplete). 
    • Note. Students may request to change the grading basis from graded to P/NP once the Incomplete grade is resolved. Students should initiate this request through their academic adviser.
  • Test out and transfer courses
  • Courses that a student dropped 

This temporary P/NP policy does not apply to 500- or 600-level courses. Although undergraduates may enroll in these graduate courses, they are subject to the grading policies of the Graduate College and the temporary P/NP policy for graduate courses.