Resource Guide for Recruiting Excellent and Diverse Faculty

Appendix 1: Sample Questions for References

  1. How well do you know the candidate, for how long, and in what capacity?
  2. How well do you think the candidate fits this position?
  3. In your opinion, what are this individual’s strengths? Weaknesses?
  4. Comment on the candidate’s scholarship, research skills, and ability to obtain grant support.
  5. Is he/she a national leader in this discipline? Does he/she have the potential to be a national leader in this discipline?
  6. Comment on the candidate’s experience and abilities as a teacher and his/her commitment to education and students.
  7. Comment on the candidate’s outreach or professional practice, and his/her involvement in the academic community.
  8. How would you describe this individual’s ability to work successfully with others and to be a good departmental citizen?
  9. Comment on the candidate’s commitment to diversity. Cite some examples.
  10. How would you describe this individual’s leadership skills?
  11. How good are his/her communication skills, both orally and in writing?
  12. Describe some of this individual’s core professional values.
  13. If this person had any critics, what would they probably be concerned about?
  14. Would you hire this person for this position? Why or why not?
  15. Do you have any other comments you feel are pertinent?
  16. Can you suggest anyone else who might be able to help us assess this candidate?