Frequently Asked Questions

Can a faculty member who has earned the University Professor and/or Distinguished Professor title be nominated for the Morrill Professor Award?

Can a University Professor also be a Distinguished Professor?
Yes. So can Morrill Professors.

Can a Distinguished Professor also be a University Professor?
Yes. So can Morrill Professors.

I am close to the academic age stipulation for an award, when is the cut off for eligibility?
Eligibility is determined at time of the nomination. The deadline is determined by each college. 

Can a faculty or staff member receive more than one University award in a year?
Yes. It doesn't happen often since nominations typically focus on one area, but it is possible.  Award nominations can be submitted by various individuals or units, so it is possible that a candidate could be nominated for multiple awards.

Can a faculty or staff member receive the same award a second time?
No. While an individual cannot receive the same award twice, he/she can be considered for another award in the same area. For example, a faculty member can receive only one award for early achievement in teaching, but could later be nominated for an outstanding teaching award.

My college offers an award similar to a University award. Can I be nominated for both? In the same year?
An individual can be nominated for both a college-level and a university-level award in the same year. Read the award criteria carefully, because there may be different criteria for awards that are similar. Nomination review committees will assess the award nomination at the college and at the university level to determine if the nomination matches the criteria for the award under consideration.

What is the process for nominating an individual for a University award?
Check the individual award for details.  Some award nominations must be submitted to a college, while others can be submitted by an individual.  All award nominations require a cover sheet.  The cover sheets can be found on the general directions.

Who is notified about the award recipients?
Award recipients and their nominator, department chair, dean, or supervisor are notified by May 1. University media are notified prior to the September award ceremony.  Information regarding the awards is posted to the University Award website prior to the University Award Ceremony in September.

Who is notified about unsuccessful nominations?
Colleges receive feedback on unsuccessful nominations by July 1.

How are deadlines set for University Awards?
The deadline for University award nominations to reach the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost is February 10. College deadlines for nominations to be submitted are earlier, and range from November to February.  Many departments have earlier deadlines than their colleges. Our advice is to check deadlines locally as early as possible.

We have an idea for a new award at Iowa State University. What do we do next?
It depends on what the award recognizes and what university level it represents. University-level awards are developed with input and approval from the President, Senior Vice President and Provost, Faculty Senate, P&S Council and others, which requires considerable time and effort.  For example, the Morrill Professor Award was in development for several years by the Faculty Senate.  Approved in 2011, the Morrill Professor Award was not awarded until Fall 2013.

Please direct questions on University Awards to Dawn Bratsch-Prince,