University Award Nominations

Format and Electronic Submission Instructions

To ensure review by selection committees, nominations for all university awards must be electronic and in the required format.

  1. The cover page, nomination letter, all supporting materials and CV must be combined into one pdf document. The file can be a scanned document. Do not send a zip file. The required order is:
    • university award nomination cover page
    • nomination letter and all supporting materials
    • nominee's CV or resume
  2. Select one of two possible cover pages. (On the cover page, check the name of award being applied for and complete the page. If the award is not listed, it is not the correct cover page.)
  3. When the file is prepared, nominators must submit their nominations to their college by the college deadline.
  4. When the college is ready to submit their nominations, the college awards coordinator must upload the nominations to the appropriate college folder on CyBox.  If you do not have access to your college's folder on CyBox, please contact Megan Peterson,

Important Note:

  • Nominations for some Professional and Scientific Awards may be submitted by either an individual or an employing unit. Nominations for many faculty and staff awards can only be submitted by a college. See award description for details.
  • If an individual would like to submit a nomination for the specific awards listed below, they must email the complete nomination document to the appropriate email address listed below. The nominator will receive notification of successful submission within 10-15 minutes.

If questions or concerns, contact Dawn Bratsch-Prince, or Megan Peterson, 294-6410,