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ISU ADVANCE at Iowa State started as an institutional NSF grant. The goal of ISU ADVANCE is to promote and sustain institutional change at all levels of the university resulting in the full participation of women and minority faculty.

At the highest level, the ISU ADVANCE program is housed in the Provost’s office under the Associate Provost for Faculty and is led by the ADVANCE Fellow. The Fellow works with the Provost, the Associate Provost for Faculty, college deans, senior administrative leaders, and college equity advisors to institutionalize positive change in the university’s policies (e.g., institutionalizing flexible career options), practices (e.g., increasing the transparency of decision making) and structures (e.g., consideration of how spread out faculty are from colleagues).

The College Equity Advisors work with their respective deans, diversity committees, department chairs, and faculty in their colleges to implement best practices for faculty searches and to transform policies and practices that help faculty succeed in moving through the ranks and being successful.

At the department level, originally called Collaborative Transformation, ISU ADVANCE coordinates the Department Enhancement Program (DEP) that works with faculty in identified departments to transform departmental cultures (views, attitudes, norms and shared beliefs), practices (what people say and do), and structures (physical and social arrangements). A DEP Facilitator interviews the department chair and the faculty by rank. Those interviews are transcribed and themes are identified that emerge from the voices of the faculty. The facilitator with input from the department faculty generates a report confidential to that department which is the first step in transformational change. Developing and implementing best practices for fostering cultures, practices and policies of inclusion are the goals at the department level. DEP’s impact across the first 10 departments demonstrates institutional change (PDF, 414KB).


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