Faculty Search Resource Pages

This page provides various resources for conducting a faculty search, with emphasis on best practices for recruiting diverse candidates. You will find more than 20 short information pages, which are listed below, including guidelines and suggestions for the search process, sample forms, and ideas for discussions to have with departmental faculty. You can download this chart as a pdf.

These files were compiled by Dr. Bonita Glatz, who was the ADVANCE/Provost Office Faculty Fellow during Spring Semester 2008. The resources were reorganized and selected ones were updated by Dr. Bonnie Bowen in Fall 2011 and Summer 2012.

Stage of Search Process Task Resource Documents Power Point Resources
Prior to the search    
  • Engage faculty in discussions about diversity and good practices
  [PP-1 (PDF, 149KB)] [PP-2 (PDF, 54KB)] [PP-3 (PDF, 47KB)] [PP-4 (PDF, 48KB)] [PP-5 (PDF, 47KB)]
  • Identify and prioritize departmental needs
Appoint the search committee    
  • Appoint a diverse search committee
[PP-2 (PDF, 54KB)] [PP-6 (PDF, 62KB] [PP-7 (PDF, 61KB)]
  • Coach the search committee on the search process, including the topic of faculty diversity
  • Acquaint the search committee with common cognitive errors in the search process and educate about stereotyping biases
[PP-8 (PDF, 163KB)] [PP-3 (PDF, 47KB)] [PP-4 (PDF, 48KB)] [PP-5 (PDF, 47KB)]
Preparation for the search    
  • Search committee meets and identifies problems in past searches (use findings from previous evaluations to improve new search)
  • Search committee sets ground rules for the search process
  • A non-voting process member is appointed to the search committee
  • The search committee defines the available position further
  • A position announcement is drafted, including language to encourage applications from a diverse pool of applicants
  • Search committee defines required and preferred characteristics for the position and identifies the relative importance of these criteria


  • An evaluation matrix is developed
Advertise the position and solicit applications      
  • Advertise in new venues to enhance visibility of the position among diverse candidates
Initial screening of applicants      
  • Each application is reviewed by the entire search committee confidentially
[PP-9 (PDF, 51KB)]
  • Each committee member completes an evaluation matrix for each applicant
  • Committee meets to review applications and all candidates get a systematic and complete review
  • Shortlist of candidates is developed for interviews
  • The shortlist is examined for diverse candidates, and expanded if not diverse enough
Final screening of applicants      
  • Committee contacts the candidates references for further information
[PP-9 (PDF, 51KB)]
  • Committee meets to compare information for all candidates; reaches consensus about candidates to interview
  • Document why certain candidates are not selected for interviews
Interviewing candidates      
  • Select candidates to interview and invite them to campus
[PP-10 (PDF, 61KB)]
  • Manage campus visits
[PP-10 (PDF, 61KB)]
Ranking the candidates      
  • Finalize the search




Evaluate the search      
  • What went right? What can be improved next time?