University Award for Inclusive Excellence



Recognizes faculty and P&S and merit staff who have advanced the university’s mission of diversity, equity, and inclusion without having been compensated for their efforts.


Employed by Iowa State University for 3 years or more.  Recipients must be ISU employees at the time of the University Awards Ceremony.

Nature of the award: 

$1,500 award presented annually at the University Awards Ceremony.

Number of awards: 

Up to two 


Selection is based on:

  • Documentation that efforts made have not been compensated (e.g. are separate from nominee's job duties/PRS, are not departmental committee assignments credited as Service, are not supplemented by course buy-outs, grant monies or similar benefit, are not supplemented by monies from other entities to nominee or their department in exchange for their contributions).
  • Documented evidence of exemplary non-compensated performance and positive impact on the campus environment in ways that are aligned with the university’s strategic plan and non-discrimination statement.
  • Involvement in non-compensated initiatives that support one or more of the university’s goals for diversity, equity, and inclusion as stated in the strategic plan’s goals, sub-goals, and/or metrics.
  • Indication of continuing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion at ISU.


Nomination packets must be submitted as one PDF and contain the following in this order:

  • Completed nomination cover page either for faculty or staff. 
  • Letters of support (three total; each not to exceed two pages)
    • Nomination letter – Author must be someone who can speak to the breadth and depth of the nominee's impact (collaborator, committee/task force chair, other person with broad knowledge of nominee's efforts and their impact).
    • Beneficiary letter – Author must be an individual or a leader of a group who has benefitted from the nominee’s efforts.
    • Partner letter – Author must be someone who has partnered in efforts in which the nominee has engaged.
  • Nominee statement (not to exceed two pages)
    • Nominee should describe how their activities meet the award criteria and what plans they have for continuing to impact the campus beyond the current award cycle.
  • A chronological listing (not to exceed 2 pages) of nominee's accomplishments that fit the award criteria

Nominations for this award may be submitted by an individual, employing unit, or college.

If an individual or employing unit would like to submit a nomination, please email the complete nomination document to by February 10.  The nominator will receive notification of successful submission within 10-15 minutes.

If a college would like to submit a nomination through the college award nomination process, the college awards coordinator must upload the nomination to the college folder on CyBox by February 10.  Please note that internal deadlines for college review take place before the February 10 deadline.  If you are a college awards coordinator and do not have access to your college's folder on CyBox, please contact Megan  

Nominations are reviewed by a selection committee in the Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, who will make recommendations to the Senior Vice President and Provost. Award recipients and their nominator, department chair, dean, and/or supervisor are notified by May 1. Colleges receive feedback on unsuccessful nominations by July 1.


Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost deadline:

 February 10

College deadlines

For questions about award eligibility, contact: 
nicci port
Project Director and LGBTQ+ Initiatives,

For questions about award submission, contact: 
Megan Peterson