University Professor


The University Professorship recognizes faculty members whose professional work has focused upon effecting positive, significant institutional change at Iowa State University.


Nominees should hold the rank of professor and should have served for at least ten years on the Iowa State University faculty prior to the beginning of the academic year in which they are nominated. The nominees must be individuals whose contributions extend well beyond a one-time impact. Having held an administrative position in and of itself is insufficient for consideration for this recognition. Faculty who have served as administrators (e.g., department chairs, deans, vice president, provost, or staff members in those offices) may be nominated only after they have been out of their administrative roles and functioning as faculty members for at least three years. Recipients must be ISU employees at the time of the University Awards Ceremony.

Nature of the award:

A permanent increase of $6,600 in base salary and the title of University Professor.

Number of awards:



A University Professor must above all else have acted as a change agent by having made significant contributions that have improved the university. This professional work must go beyond excellence in teaching or research. In addition to the area of these contributions, a University Professor must have demonstrated outstanding performance in at least one other area of faculty responsibility: (1) research and/or creative activities, (2) teaching and advising, or (3) extension/professional practice.

Selection Process:

Nominations should be made to the appropriate college awards committee. Each college may make one nomination, plus one additional nomination for each 100 faculty members. No nominations will be allowed for fractions of 100 faculty. Based on 2020 figures for tenured and tenure-track faculty members, the following numbers of nominations are allowed:

  • Agriculture and Life Sciences (3 nominations)
  • Business (1 nomination)
  • Design (1 nomination)
  • Engineering (3 nominations)
  • Human Sciences (2 nominations)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences (5 nominations)
  • Library (1 nomination)
  • Veterinary Medicine (2 nominations)
  • Total Nominations = 18

The University Professor Nomination and Review Committee is appointed by the Senior Vice President and Provost following procedures established by the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate Committee on Committees nominates faculty to the Senior Vice President and Provost for membership on the University Professor Nomination Review Committee. Faculty at the rank of Professor and/or University Professor will be nominated for seven positions, one representing each college. The Senior Vice President and Provost will appoint three additional members. All members will serve three year, staggered terms. The University Professor Nomination and Review Committee receives nominations from the colleges, meets at least once, and makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate Executive Board, which will meet in executive session to consider these recommendations. The Executive Board forwards recommendations to the Senior Vice President and Provost.

Selection committees may recommend that outstanding but unsuccessful award nominations be carried forward for one or, in exceptional cases, two years. Such nominations could be updated if the nominator so chooses, but this is not required. In such cases, the nominators should be notified. Not more than 25% of the unsuccessful nominations may be carried forward.

Guidelines for Submitting Nominations for University Professor

  1. Follow Format and Electronic Submission Instructions.
  2. Complete the Faculty University Award Nomination Cover Page (PDF, 166KB | DOC, 20KB), and include it as the first page of the nomination document.
  3. Provide a nomination statement of no more than three (3) pages describing why this person deserves to be named a University Professor. Cite specific examples of the nominee's accomplishments as a change agent at the university.
  4. Explicitly identify the nominee's demonstrated outstanding performance in at least one other area of faculty responsibility: (1) research and/or creative activities, (2) teaching and advising, or (3) extension/professional practice.
  5. Include three (3) letters from individuals (faculty or staff) at ISU but outside the nominee's department who can provide a critical evaluation of the nominee's contributions to the university as an agent of change.
  6. Include the nominee's current PRS and an updated curriculum vita.

When the file is prepared, nominators must submit their nominations to their college by the college deadline. When the college is ready to submit their nominations, the college awards coordinator must upload the nominations to the appropriate college folder on CyBox. College awards coordinators can contact Megan Peterson, with questions regarding the submission process.

Nominations are reviewed by the college before submission to the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost. Award recipients and their nominator, department chair, dean, or supervisor are notified by May 1. Colleges receive feedback on unsuccessful nominations by July 1.



Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost deadline:

February 10

College deadlines

For questions about award eligibility, contact: 
Dawn Bratsch-Prince
Associate Provost for Faculty,

For questions about award submission, contact: 
Megan Peterson


University Professor recipients