Carolyn Cutrona


Title: Professor and Associate Dean of the Graduate College
Department: Psychology
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Scholarly Expertise 

I am a clinical psychologist by training. For the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of involvement in a longitudinal study of 800 African American families. I am interested in the effects of experiences of discrimination, neighborhood characteristics, and social support on the mental health of African American youth and parents. I am also interested in factors that predict involvement of African American adults in social justice movements. I have expertise in close relationships and social support and well-being in times of stress.

Why do you mentor?

I have had the privilege of a very rich and fulfilling career. I would like to share what I have learned with younger and less experienced scholars.

Motivations for Serving as a College Peer Mentor 

High-quality mentoring can make a big difference in the success of people’s careers. I am eager to be supportive and share what wisdom I have gained over my 40 years in academia.

Greatest Achievement/Proud Moment/Contribution as a Faculty Mentor 

I am very proud when faculty I have mentored are awarded tenure! I am very proud when graduate students I have mentored complete their degrees and when they land jobs that they love!

Favorite Mentoring Quote or Key Mentoring Advice

Don’t assume that you can use the same approach to mentoring with every individual. An approach that works with most mentees can be ineffective with others. Be flexible. Ask the mentee for their feedback and suggestions. Be sure that you establish a relationship characterized by trust, and that your mentee feels comfortable asking you questions.

What is a key faculty mentor quality that begins with the same first letter in your first name?





Carolyn Cutrona