Derald Holtkamp


Title: Professor
Department: Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine 
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Scholarly Expertise 

Dr. Holtkamp’s research focuses on managing infectious swine diseases, biosecurity, disease risk assessment, and the economics of animal health and disease. He has authored over 40 peer-reviewed publications, is a frequent speaker in the U.S. and internationally with over 230 invited presentations, and has mentored over 260 professional and graduate students. 

Why do you mentor?

I mentor because I believe that mentoring is important for new faculty success. When new faculty are successful, it benefits me, our department, college, and Iowa State University. It also fosters long-term collaborations between new and older (“wiser”) faculty. I have benefited greatly from these collaborations. 

Motivations for Serving as a College Peer Mentor 

I believe that successful mentoring is not something that happens automatically. It takes work, and effective mentoring can be passed from one generation of faculty to the next. Each department and college is unique and, therefore, it should not be left to one-size-fits-all approaches that are imposed on the faculty. I view the College Peer Mentoring as an opportunity to help pass the value of mentoring to the next generation of faculty in our department.

Greatest Achievement/Proud Moment/Contribution as a Faculty Mentor 

I have been privileged to mentor several young faculty members that are stars and have made major contributions to our department.

Favorite Mentoring Quote or Key Mentoring Advice

Mentoring is an opportunity to create a lasting legacy

What is a key faculty mentor quality that begins with the same first letter in your first name?