Ginka O. Borisova


Title: Dean's Professor of Finance
Department: Finance 
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Scholarly Expertise

I perform research in the areas of asset sales, corporate finance and governance, international finance, and especially government ownership and privatization.

Why do you mentor?

I mentor to try to help others.

Motivations for Serving as a College Peer Mentor

The path to academic success is different in different disciplines, so area-specific guidance is very important.  

Greatest Achievement/Proud Moment/Contribution as a Faculty Mentor

When my mentee is recognized in the college or the profession.

Favorite Mentoring Quote or Key Mentoring Advice

I learned this quote from my English teacher, my first educational mentor:

“If I can…help one fainting robin unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain.”

What is a key faculty mentor quality that begins with the same first letter in your first name?




Ginka Borisova