Haozhe Chen


Title: Associate Professor 
Department: Supply Chain Management
Email: hzchen@iastate.edu
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Scholarly Expertise 

My research interests include supply chain integration, reverse logistics, and international logistics. 

Why do you mentor?

Mentoring not only helps others but also provides a great learning opportunity for myself. 

Motivations for Serving as a College Peer Mentor

Ivy College of Business has a very supportive work environment for faculty members, and I want to make continued contribution to that great culture.

Greatest Achievement/Proud Moment/Contribution as a Faculty Mentor

When my mentees recognized my work by nominating me for the Exemplary Faculty Mentor. 

Favorite Mentoring Quote or Key Mentoring Advice

There is a famous saying from the Analects of Confucius, “When three walk together, there must be one who can teach me.”

What is a key faculty mentor quality that begins with the same first letter in your first name?



Haozhe Chen