Stephanie Clark


Title: Virginia M. Gladney Professor 
Department: Food Science and Human Nutrition
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Scholarly Expertise

Apply food microbiology and chemistry approaches, as well as microbiology, product development and sensory evaluation skills to enhance dairy product quality and consumption.

Why do you mentor?

As a junior faculty member, I didn’t know what I didn’t know, so I didn’t know what to ask. A mentor could have helped me achieve success more efficiently—I would like to help junior faculty do just that.  

Motivations for Serving as a College Peer Mentor

I enjoy sharing the journey of junior faculty.

Greatest Achievement/Proud Moment/Contribution as a Faculty Mentor

Seeing significant improvements in P&T CVs and dossiers is very gratifying.

Favorite Mentoring Quote or Key Mentoring Advice

Never be ashamed to ask questions!

What is a key faculty mentor quality that begins with the same first letter in your first name?





Stephanie Clark