Protocol for Extending Faculty Offers with Tenure

The Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost supports extending an offer with tenure when the selected candidate has a demonstrated record of scholarly achievements commensurate with ISU tenure standards (and the rank of Associate Professor or above). In order to extend an offer with tenure, the college/department shall complete the following steps:

  1. The Dean/Associate Dean/Department Chair is expected to conduct a minimum of two off-list reference calls before requesting the hire for the selected candidate. The purpose of this off-list reference check is to further assess the suitability of the candidate(s) for a tenured appointment at Iowa State with regard to their civility and ability to interact effectively with others in the workplace (i.e., it is not merely another opportunity to confirm dates of employment, teaching and scholarship record, etc.). If any concerns are shared, the Dean/Associate Dean/Department Chair is expected to do their due diligence and investigate. A sentence confirming this has occurred should be included within the justification memo (see 2.b.).
  2. When an offer with tenure is requested, the packet forwarded by email to the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost shall include the following items along with the draft offer letter:

a. Department Faculty Vote on Tenure and Rank
b. Justification Memo from Department Chair or Dean
c. Letters of reference provided by the candidate or summary of phone reference checks [minimum of three]. If letters were submitted with the application, those letters can fulfill this requirement.


Updated September 2020


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Kaela Black,
Faculty Personnel and Policy Director,