COVID-19 Pass-Through Mask and Vaccine Requirements

Date:              October 25, 2021

To:                  Department Chairs

From:             Jonathan Wickert                               

                       Senior Vice President and Provost

Subject:         COVID-19 Pass-Through Mask and Vaccine Requirements

Iowa State University collaborates with many external organizations to provide experiential educational opportunities for our students.  These organizations may have “pass-through” mask, testing, and/or vaccine requirements in place for individuals to access their facilities. These requirements are similar to non-COVID-19 external requirements that have been required of our students and employees, such as wearing safety glasses or hard hats, and signing non-disclosure agreements.   

Examples of current or potential pass-through situations and requirements include:

  • Students in a capstone class are required to complete site visits at a company that has a vaccine requirement in their facility.
  • Student teachers placed in school districts having vaccine requirements.
  • Internships required for graduation in which students are placed in organizations that have vaccination requirements (for instance, long-term care facilities, hospitals).
  • Federal requirements, including mask requirements in USDA-inspected facilities, such as classes held in Iowa State’s Meat Lab.
  • Vaccine requirements imposed by third-party study abroad program providers which are passed onto participating students. 

The University Response Team has developed guidelines related to pass-through mask and vaccine requirements. In some cases, it may be necessary to consider alternative arrangements to help students complete course or degree requirements, particularly for experiences that are required and/or selected by the academic department.

I ask that department chairs share this memo and broader guidance with all faculty and staff engaged in educational activities with external parties.