Extension of Temporary COVID-19 Instruction Policies

Date:           October 19, 2021

To:               Iowa State University Faculty

From:          Jonathan Wickert                               
                    Senior Vice President and Provost

Subject:      Extension of Temporary COVID-19 Instruction Policies

Two temporary policies, previously announced to provide flexibility for faculty with fall instruction, are now extended through the end of the spring 2022 semester:

Instructors who test positive for COVID-19

Instructors with a positive test for COVID-19 may move their classes online for the duration of their isolation period, at their discretion and only if they feel well enough to do so.  Additional information on this option is available in my September 1, 2021 communication.  As always, if an instructor does not feel well enough to teach online during their isolation period, they should follow standard policy and use either BOR COVID-19 sick time off or sick leave, depending on eligibility, until they are well.

Temporary Modality Changes Based on Student Absenteeism

Instructors who are experiencing problematic, unusual, and substantial absenteeism may be approved for a temporary course modality change. This information was originally communicated in the September 7, 2021 FAQ regarding fall instruction.  Prospective changes should be discussed with department chairs, who will confer with their respective associate deans.

Additionally, as communicated on October 15 by University Human Resources, the program offering workplace modifications for immunocompromised faculty and staff, or those with immunocompromised household members, will continue through the spring semester. Additional information on this program is available through the UHR Service Portal.

I ask that department chairs share this memo with all instructors, including graduate student instructors and teaching assistants, and academic advisors and staff engaged in instruction and student success.