New Faculty Programs and Resources



New Faculty Orientation CANVAS Course

A CANVAS Course for all new faculty (term and tenure-eligible) opened on July 1. New faculty were not required to take part in the CANVAS course, but were strongly encouraged to orient themselves to Iowa State prior to their official hire dates. In adopting a new model for onboarding and orienting faculty, our goal was to promote equity across academic appointments, provide clear information to faculty about how to carry out their position responsibilities, cultivate community, and promote networking. The course covers:

  • Iowa State University mission, goals, and history
  • Campus landscape and location
  • Nine core faculty values, as approved by the Faculty Senate
  • Faculty Development and Employee Resources
  • Institutional Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

New faculty will retain access and use of the CANVAS course after their appointments formally begin. 

AAUP Academic Freedom memo



Welcome Wednesdays

In addition to the CANVAS Course, Faculty Success Coordinator Katharine Hensley and Assistant Provost for Faculty Development Tera Jordan moderated Welcome Wednesdays beginning on July 1.  These real-time, virtual conversations will continue every Wednesday through the start of the fall semester. Speakers from across the campus community will engage new faculty on topics related to the nine core faculty values. 



Katharine Hensley,
Faculty Success Coordinator,

Tera Jordan,
Assistant Provost for Faculty Development,,


New Faculty Orientation

The aforementioned CANVAS Course and Welcome Wednesday events do not take the place of the orientation meeting. New Faculty Orientation will be on Wednesday, September 2, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (CST) via Zoom. It is strongly recommended that all new, incoming faculty attend New Faculty Orientation. 


  • Introduce new faculty to important policies, programs, and information that support their success
  • Connect faculty with key administrators and staff
  • Provide resources to assist new faculty transition to their new roles at Iowa State
  • Nurture networking and a sense of community among our new faculty cohort

For our planning and preparation, we ask that you fill out this brief registration form if you plan on attending. The agenda for the day will include a session regarding resources as you begin your career at Iowa State, a breakout session with your Dean/Associate Dean, a Faculty Panel breakout session and a discussion with Senior Vice President and Provost Jonathan Wickert. 

All new faculty, tenure-eligible and term, that have joined Iowa State since January 2020 are invited to attend. 

Fall 2020 CELT Teaching Symposium

Tuesday, August 18, 2020, from 7:30 a.m. to noon 

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) hosts this half-day virtual program that encompasses the best teaching practices and student support resources available at Iowa State. New faculty, staff with a teaching role, and graduate teaching assistants will learn from Iowa State’s educators about how to prepare for a successful first semester of teaching and explore CELT’s services, resources, and professional development opportunities.

Our symposium goals:

  • To recognize the policies, practices, and resources for effective teaching and learning at Iowa State University.
  • To explore common student issues, successes along with various campus resources for students.
  • To discover the services, support, and development opportunities provided by CELT.

University Human Resources Orientation

Note that New Faculty Orientation is different from University Human Resources Orientation

Spring 2021 New Faculty Orientation (to be announced)

All new tenured, tenure-eligible, and term faculty that have joined Iowa State University since August 2020 are invited to attend an orientation specifically designed for them. 

The Spring Faculty Orientation gives new faculty the opportunity to meet with one another as well as with senior administrators at Iowa State. Senior Vice President and Provost Wickert will share his insight on what it means to be part of a land grant university. Registration is required.  

New Faculty Cohort: