Faculty Compensation

“Within the limits of budgetary resources, every effort is made to maintain faculty salaries at a level competitive with those of similar universities throughout the country.” Faculty Handbook 4.1

Faculty Compensation Handbook

This Faculty Compensation Handbook (PDF, 450KB) (requires ISU login) was developed by the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost in consultation with University Human Resources. It offers an organized compilation of existing institutional policies and guidelines relative to faculty compensation. This Faculty Compensation Handbook brings together the compensation policies and guidelines that apply to all tenured/tenure-eligible and term faculty in all job profiles in the Faculty job family at Iowa State University. This Handbook is designed to aid those involved in the process of making and implementing compensation decisions in alignment with the University’s established compensation philosophy and strategy. The guidelines and policies described in this Handbook should be applied consistently, in compliance with related federal and state law and University policy, regardless of the source of funding for faculty compensation.

Faculty Exceptional Performance Pay (EPP) Program

The Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost is rolling out a Faculty Exceptional Performance Pay (EPP) Program to begin on July 1, 2022. The program is slated with an end date of June 30, 2025, unless renewed. The Faculty EPP Program is intended to be used to reward a faculty member for extraordinary performance or a specific accomplishment that is beyond normal expectations of a faculty member as described in their Position Responsibility Statement (PRS). EPP is not used to recognize standard performance of faculty position responsibilities. Further, the EPP shall not be used as a substitute for providing ongoing performance-based salary adjustments.


Faculty Incentive Salary Increment Program (FISIP) (PDF) (requires ISU login)

Custom Education Services Incentive Plan (CESIP) (PDF) (requires ISU login)

Veterinary Clinical Services Incentive Plan (VCSIP) (PDF) (requires ISU login)


Faculty Instructions - Winter and Summer Sessions FAQ (PDF, 270KB) (requires ISU login)

Faculty Summer Salary Guidelines (PDF, 226KB) (requires ISU login)

Guidelines, Protocols, and Resources




Kaela Black,
Faculty Personnel and Policy Director,

Faculty Promotion and Tenure Salary Increments (FY25)

  • Promotion to Associate Professor - $7,500
  • Promotion to Full Professor - $10,000

Term Faculty Advancement Increments (FY25)

  • Term advancement (first level, e.g. Associate Teaching Professor, Clinical Associate Professor) - $3,750
  • Term advancement (second level, e.g. Teaching Professor, Clinical Professor) - $5,000