Ann Marie VanDerZanden

Associate Provost for Academic Programs
1550 Beardshear

Dr. Ann Marie VanDerZanden is Associate Provost for Academic Programs, a Louis Thompson Distinguished Undergraduate Teacher, and Professor of Horticulture at Iowa State University. 

In her role as Associate Provost, VanDerZanden provides leadership in centrally coordinating academic programs. She is responsible for facilitating articulation with community colleges, and leading university efforts related to accreditation, continuous academic program quality improvement, distance education, and international programs. 

VanDerZanden has been a faculty member at Iowa State since 2003. She served as Associate Director (2009-2011) and Director (2012-2017) of the Iowa State University Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. In those roles, she provided leadership for the center in meeting its mission to support, promote, and enhance teaching effectiveness and student learning at Iowa State. 

As a horticulture faculty member VanDerZanden has taught over 20 different subject matter courses across the breadth of horticulture topics. Her research interests include undergraduate pedagogy, and using appropriate technology to enhance the teaching and learning experiences of students and faculty. She is also keenly interested in historic Irish gardens and their preservation and restoration using sustainable landscape practices. 

VanDerZanden is a Fellow of the American Society for Horticultural Science and an accomplished teacher and prolific writer. Her excellence in teaching has earned her numerous awards including university awards and regional, national, and international awards from professional organizations. She has authored three landscape related textbooks, regularly contributes to national and regional gardening magazines, and has an extensive peer-reviewed publication record focused on teaching and learning in higher education. She is actively involved in higher education leadership and is president-elect of the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture organization.

VanDerZanden is a native of Washington State. She earned her B.S. and Ph.D. from Washington State University and her M.S. from Cornell University.

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