ASPIRE - The National Alliance for Inclusive & Diverse Stem Faculty


Association of Public Land-grant Universities’ Aspire Institutional Change (iChange) Initiative strengthens post-secondary institutions where science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) faculty from underrepresented groups are widely recruited, hired, and retained and all STEM faculty employ inclusive teaching, advising, and research mentoring. Aspire announced Iowa State University as a participant in Cohort 2 of iChange. The National Science Foundation funds this effort.

The goal of the iChange Network is to catalyze institutional change by providing a comprehensive, systematic approach to organizational transformation using a structured self-assessment process to inform the development and implementation of an action plan. In January 2020, Iowa State University began a self-assessment of our current practices and resources. The work continues to develop and implement an action plan for initial change and map ways to scale such efforts across STEM programs, as well as non-STEM units and the broader campus community.


Dawn Bratsch-Prince, Associate Provost for Faculty, served as the institution’s lead from October 2019 through April 2021.

Tera Jordan, Assistant Provost for Faculty Development, assumed the leadership role in April 2021 and currently leads the ISU Aspire Team.

Aspire Team Members:

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Theressa Cooper
Susan Lamont
Dan Robison
Dan Thomson

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Ann Oberhauser
Javier Vela

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Clark Coffman

Graduate College
William Graves
Thelma Harding

College of Engineering
Jaime Juarez
Ashfaq Khokhar
Cameron Rayburn

Institutional Research
Julie LaBianca
Susan Ray

University Counsel
Heather Smith

University Human Resources
Emma Mallarino Houghton

Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
nicci port

Vice President for Extension and Outreach
Regenea Hurte
John Lawrence
Barbara Woods

Vice President for Research
James Reecy

Key achievements: