New Program Approval Procedures - Undergraduate Certificates


An undergraduate certificate provides a way to give formal recognition of focused study in a specialized area that is less comprehensive than required for an undergraduate major.

The following material describes the procedures for the review of proposed undergraduate certificates at Iowa State University. The procedures provide for both faculty and administrative input at all levels. This document describes both the approval process and the information that should be provided in a program proposal.

The proposal to establish a new undergraduate certificate is initiated by faculty members. The establishment of an undergraduate certificate requires approval by the department or sponsoring group, the appropriate college curriculum committee, the college faculty, the college dean, the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee, the Faculty Senate, the Senior Vice President and Provost, and the President. The proposal does not need approval by the Iowa Board of Regents.

Program Proposal

The completed proposal (DOC, 25KB) should be made available in an electronic form for review and approval.

Revised May 2019


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Kelsey Gillen,
Director of Academic Quality and Undergraduate Education,