Revised Required Syllabus Statement on Free Expression

Date:        March 25, 2024

To:            Iowa State University Faculty

From:       Jonathan Wickert                                 

                 Senior Vice President and Provost

Subject:   Revisions to Required Free Expression Syllabus Statement


Iowa State University has amended its required Free Expression Syllabus Statement to comply with the Iowa Board of Regents’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Directive #4b. The revised text, as approved last week by the Faculty Senate, President Wintersteen, and me is:

Free Expression

Iowa State University supports and upholds the First Amendment protection of freedom of speech and the principle of academic freedom in order to foster a learning environment where open inquiry and the vigorous debate of a diversity of ideas are encouraged. Students will not be penalized for the content or viewpoints of their speech as long as student expression in a class context is germane to the subject matter of the class and conveyed in an appropriate manner.

No employee, student, applicant, or campus visitor is compelled to disclose their pronouns. Anyone may voluntarily disclose their own pronouns.

This revised version of the syllabus statement is to appear in all course syllabi beginning with the Summer 2024 term.  The text is also available on the website of our Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.

I ask that department chairs share this memo with all instructors, including graduate student instructors, teaching assistants, academic advisors, and staff engaged in instruction.