Advising Awards

2021 Iowa State University Awards for Advising

Academic Advising Impact

The award recognizes outstanding performance by an academic advisor over an extended period of time.

Jennifer Bundy
Assistant professor, 
Animal Science

Alyssa Mittleider
Academic advisor, 
Mechanical Engineering

Early Achievement in Academic Advising

The award recognizes outstanding performance by an academic advisor early in their career.

Kelsey Powell
Academic advisor, 
Animal Science


College Awards for Advising

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (2021)

  • Jennifer Bundy, Outstanding Advisor Award, Animal Science
  • Amber Kargol, P&S Outstanding Advisor Award, Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Nathan Dobbels, P&S Early Advisor Award, Agricultural Education and Studies
  • Rodrigo Tarte, Early Advisor Award, Animal Science

College of Design (2020)

  • Jordan Brooks, Academic Advising

College of Engineering (2020)

  • Lindsay Frueh, Outstanding Achievement in Advising, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • Aliza MacKenzie, Early Achievement in Advising, Mechanical Engineering

College of Human Sciences (2020)

  • Lisa Phillips, Outstanding Advisor, Kinesiology

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (2020)

  • Ann Haugland, Ruth W. Swenson Award for Outstanding Advising, Psychology and Communication Studies
  • Terry Kruse, Early Achievement in Academic Advising, Chemistry

College of Veterinary Medicine (2019)

  • Gayle Brown, William O. Reece Award, Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine