EAB Navigate - Coordinated Care Network



Helpful Information for Academic Advisors during COVID-19 Outbreak

Created by EAB, the Student Success Collaborative (SSC Navigate) provides a seamless way for offices across the Iowa State University campus to improve the student experience. SSC Navigate is an important step forward in creating a coordinated care network for our undergraduate students. 

Iowa State uses the Navigate tool to: 

  • Improve communication with students
  • Use undergraduate student data analytics to identify and eliminate barriers to student success
  • Gain quick access to critical student information
  • Schedule appointments with students, run appointment campaigns and much more

Students can access EAB ISU Appointments in their Student tab in AccessPlus. Faculty/Staff can use the OKTA tile to find EAB ISU Appointments.

EAB Staff:

  • Director of Academic Quality and Undergraduate Education: Shawn Marie Boyne [smboyne@iastate.edu]
  • University EAB Student Success Coordinator: Jessica Van Winkle

EAB Leadership Team

Our campus EAB Leadership Team is comprised of members of each of the colleges as well as our key partners in the Division of Student Affairs. The leadership team establishes an annual calendar of common campaigns, reviews data on campaign effectiveness, and recommends ways to improve our student success efforts. For the 2020-21 academic year our Leadership Team Members include:

Shawn Boyne [SVPP], Scott Bielick [ITUIS], Ben Chamberlain [AGEDS], Katherine Clottey [BUSUP],  Jessica DeWall [KIN], Pete Englin [RES H], Kyle Holtman [LRCM], Joel Johnson [ENG], Heather Kruger [SOE], Jennifer Owens [LAS],  Brad Skaar [AN S], Jennifer Suchan [REC], Allison N Ringholz [DSN], Amber Giese [ATHDP], Michele Tapp [BUSUP], Jessica VanWinkle [SVPP]; Katie Whipple [ASC].

EAB Liaisons Group

The EAB Liaisons Group meets once per semester to explore ways to improve unit processes, share insights on student risk and intervention outcomes and  identify college and department training needs. The liaisons group includes the following members:


Jennifer Bundy


Jackie Kester


Heather Kruger/Will Hatchet


Jeremy Miller


Austin Haytko


Emily Olson/Johna Wolfe


Jacob Nolton

Need help with EAB Navigate? 

If you are an EAB user and need assistance with using the platform, we have several resources for you.

Basic Instructions and Common Problems


Frequently Asked Questions

EAB Ambassadors: Our EAB ambassadors are representatives within our colleges and units who can help with simple questions from their colleagues within their college or unit. Please reach out to the ambassador in your unit only after you have consulted the other resources posted here.