Directors of Multicultural Student Success

What We Do

The Directors of Multicultural Student Success (DMSS) work closely with students, staff, faculty, advisors, alumni, and the community to:

  • Advocate for, engage with, and support multicultural, underrepresented, and first-generation students at Iowa State University

  • Promote student retention by providing academic support and helping connect with key resources on campus 

  • Advance student success through the development of culturally sustaining programs and initiatives

  • Provide leadership in the development, implementation, and coordination of student success initiatives

  • Support recruitment of underrepresented student populations

Carah Mabry
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
210 Curtiss
(515) 294-8086

“It is going to be HARD, but HARD doesn’t mean IMPOSSIBLE. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations, don’t QUIT!!”- Carah


Brady Talley
Ivy College of Business
2137 Gerdin
(515) 294-8301

"You belong in your particular space. Learn, experience, and share. Share with your employer, share with your community, share with your society, share with your family."-Brady Talley

Jarael Madyun
College of Design
290 Design

"You have agency in this world, continue to live your values, and remember, if you don't celebrate your wins, how will you ever know that you've achieved success"- unknown.- Jarael Madyun

Lequetia Ancar
College of Engineering
1300 Marston
(515) 294-0690

In the words of our beloved Dr. George Jackson “never, not ever, let anyone or anything define or limit your potential”.  And remember Dr. George Washington Carver’s words, “no individual has any right to come into the world and go out of it without leaving behind him distinct and legitimate reasons for having passed through it.”  So I ask you, what will be your legacy?-Dr. LeQuetia Ancar


Carmen Flagge
College of Human Sciences
131 MacKay
(515) 294-0532

“Don't be afraid to get to know your resources (i.e. DMSS) even if you don't need them now.  They may have an opportunity for you.”-Carmen Flagge 


Arnold Woods
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
147 Catt
(515) 294-2545

"Don't ever compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone's journey, everyone's path, is different."-Arnold Woods

Monica Howard
College of Veterinary Medicine
2270E Veterinary Medicine
(515) 294-0391

Always remember that you have something to offer and that your potential is limitless.  As Malcolm Gladwell states, “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” Choose to grow and realize your potential.-Dr. Monica Howard 


DMSS Programs

  • DMSS Study Tables (4th Mondays of September, October, November, February, March, and April) 
  • Free Business Attire Pop-Up Shop hosted by DMSS and funded by Student Government (September and February)  
  • DMSS Real Talk Thursdays (2nd Thursday of October, November, March and April) 
  • DMSS Field Day (October) 
  • McNair Program and DMSS Tailgate (October or November) 
  • DMSS and ISSO Fall Break Community Meal (Tuesday of fall break week)