Interdisciplinary Team Research Award


To recognize an interdisciplinary team of faculty researchers (at least two [2] or more) with outstanding achievements who have made a significant contribution to the University's research and scholarship mission through successful interdisciplinary collaborations.


At least two (2) of the nominees must hold the rank of Assistant Professor or above, and must be from different departments. Recipients must be Iowa State employees at the time of the University Awards Ceremony.

Nature of award: 

$2,500 one time stipend (to be shared equally among awardees)

Number of awards: 



The interdisciplinary research team will have collaborated on a project or initiative. Nominations should provide evidence of positive impact(s) in two (2) or more disciplines or broad areas. The teams will be judged on their body of work since the beginning of the collaboration.

Guidelines for Submitting Nominations for the Interdisciplinary Team Research Award

  1. Completed nomination cover page for faculty: 
  2. Nomination statement of no more than three (3) pages that includes the following:
    • How the team's qualification relate to the award criteria and why the team is deserving of the award
    • Cite specific examples of how the team's interdisciplinary research approach has contributed to advancement of knowledge or helped solve a problem. Give examples of recognition and external funding that demonstrate the regional and/or national/international impact of these research/scholarship accomplishments. The criteria for this award is broad in scope and the committee will consider all areas of research/scholarship.
  3. An abbreviated vita of no more than four (4) pages for each team member
  4. Three (3) external letters of support from individuals who can speak to the team's work and impacts or those that have benefitted from their efforts. Include a 100-word biography of the expert and explain their relationship to the team.

Nominations for this award may be submitted by an individual, employing unit, or college.

If an individual or employing unit would like to submit a nomination, please email the complete nomination document to by February 10. The nominator will receive notification of successful submission within 10-15 minutes.

If a college would like to submit a nomination through the college award nomination process, the college awards coordinator must upload the nomination to the college folder on CyBox by February 10. Please note that internal deadlines for college review take place before the February 10 deadline. If you do not have access to your college's folder on CyBox, please contact Kati Gorman,  

Nominations are reviewed by a selection committee in the Office of the Vice President for Research, who will make recommendations to the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost. Award recipients and their nominator, department chair, dean, and/or supervisor are notified by May 1. Colleges receive feedback on unsuccessful nominations by July 1.



Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost deadline:

 February 10

College Deadlines

For questions about award eligibility, contact: 
Surya Mallapragada
Associate Vice President for Research,

For questions about award submission, contact: 
Kati Gorman