Fulbright Association Iowa Chapter


Connecting Fulbright alumni, grantees, and friends in Iowa for networking, mentoring, and citizen diplomacy


The Fulbright Association was established in 1977 as a private, nonprofit organization for Fulbright Program alumni and friends of international education. The Fulbright Association has nearly 10,000 individual members and 180 institutional members across the U.S. There are 54 active chapters in 38 states and metro areas, and members belong to their local chapter. 

Fulbright Iowa Chapter Membership

The Fulbright Iowa Chapter was established in 2009. Of 300+ Fulbright alumni in Iowa, almost 100 are paying members of the Iowa Chapter. The chapter is led by a board of ten elected alumni members who volunteer their services and meet quarterly. Fulbright Iowa is funded by competitive grant awards from the U.S. Department of State, membership dues rebates, donations, and event proceeds. We welcome all Fulbright Program alumni and friends to become Fulbright Association Iowa Chapter members and to help us strengthen international understanding through citizen diplomacy. 

The Goals of Fulbright Iowa 

  • Engage Fulbright alumni by offering opportunities to network with other alumni from across Iowa
  • Mentor the 60+ international Fulbright grantees placed in Iowa's universities annually who come from over 50 countries
  • Create enrichment opportunities for visiting Fulbright grantees in the state of Iowa, through interactive conferences, forums, events, and tours
  • Advocate for Fulbright Program funding by lobbying Iowa's members of Congress.

Fulbright Iowa Events  

The chapter has recently welcomed over 1000 Fulbright alumni and current grantees from around the world to over 50 statewide events and local gatherings in Des Moines, Ames, and Iowa City. 





For additional information about the Fulbright Association,
(202) 775-0725,

Iowa State contacts:

Peter Martin

Peter Orazem

Jim Raich

Connect with Fulbright Iowa:

Blog: www.fulbrightiowa.wordpress.com

Twitter: @FulbrightIowa

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Email: Richard Johnson, President, rich4950@gmail.com