New Faculty Orientation

Fall 2020 New Faculty Orientation - date to be determined

All new faculty, tenure-eligible and term, that have joined ISU since January 2020 are invited to attend. Registration is required.

[Please note this academic orientation is separate and apart from the University Human Resources Orientation]


Common Acronyms used at Iowa State

Fall 2019 Agenda [Fall 2020 agenda to be announced]

New Faculty Orientation Presenters [Fall 2019] [Fall 2020 presenters to be announced]


  • Introduce new faculty to important policies, programs, and information that support their success
  • Connect faculty with key administrators and staff
  • Provide resources to assist new faculty transition to their new roles at ISU
  • Nurture networking and a sense of community among our new faculty cohort

Link to Early Career page for Professional Development program calendar